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The curbside Yard Trimming roll cart program began July 2018 and has been extremely successful. Thank you to all of the residents who participate in the yard trimming roll cart program! Approximately 4,294 (63%) households have received yard trimming carts!


The Yard Trimming roll cart is available to residents who pay for weekly curbside collection. At this time, only one yard trimming roll cart per household is available.

The Yard Trimming roll cart is voluntary and there is no additional cost to the resident. Environmental Services will provide a tan colored, 96 gallon Yard Trimming roll cart (Measurements 35.75”L x 29.75”W x 43.25”H), this is similar to the trash and recycle roll carts.

The Yard Trimming roll cart is for organic yard trimmings only, which includes branches (not to exceed 36” length and 4” diameter), flowers, grass clippings, leaves, pine needles and pine cones. If you have questions regarding acceptable material please call the Environmental Services at 505-662-8163  or email SolidWaste@lacnm.us .

Non-acceptable items include: trash, plastic bags, animal waste, treated wood and lumber, railroad tiles, construction debris, tree stumps, ash, concrete, dirt and rocks. 

By implementing the Yard Trimming roll cart, Los Alamos County residents have an opportunity to divert 14% of our waste stream from the landfill each year. The diversion efforts has the potential to divert 1,107 tons annually and will reduce hauling and disposal cost, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extend the life of the landfill, and provide high-quality garden and landscaping materials for residents.

Yard Trimming collection will begin again on March 16th, 2020. See the 2020 Schedule for more information. 

Register today to order your Yard Trimming roll cart! 

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