White Rock Canyon Rim
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Those who would like to enjoy views of White Rock Canyon without dropping to the river can choose to travel along the rim on the White Rock Canyon Rim Trail. The trail begins at the Blue Dot Trailhead and heads south for almost two miles to the viewpoint above Pajarito Canyon. Any part of this out-and-back trip leads to spectacular views into the canyon.

 Length 3.6 miles out and back
 Elevation Gain 150 feet
 Trail Surface packed dirt
 Features spectacular views
 Rating for foot traffic easy but rocky
 Rating for mountain bikes intermediate
 Rating for horse traffic not recommended

Finding the Trailhead: To reach the Blue Dot Trailhead from the intersection of State Road 4 and Rover Boulevard in White Rock, head east on Rover. In 0.1 miles, turn left onto Meadow Lane. In 0.7 miles, turn left into Overlook Park. Pass by ball fields and turn right onto a paved road marked for the trailhead. 

White Rock Canyon Rim

From the trailhead, head east toward the canyon edge. At the rim of the canyon, turn right onto the rim trail. Near the edge of an open field, travel the path along the rim. Many alternate trails lead to the right, and a few to the left, but if you parallel the rim you can’t go wrong. The trail makes many brief ups and downs, and in 1.8 miles reaches the edge of Pajarito Canyon, which enters the main gorge from the west. This viewpoint makes a good turnaround spot.

On the way back, hikers can take a challenging alternate route that begins about 0.2 miles from the overlook. This side trail descends below the canyon rim and stays on an attractive bench as it heads north. In about 0.3-mile, angle left toward the cliffs called The Playground by the climbing community. At the Playground, continue on the trail by scrambling over large boulders and through a narrow chute. The route quickly re-gains the rim. Turn right and retrace your steps back to the trailhead.



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