Carbon Free Power Project (Small Modular Nuclear Reactor)
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Carbon Free Power Project (Small Modular Nuclear Reactor)
Posted on 02/23/2017

At the direction of the Board of Public Utilities, DPU is exploring whether or not to add a next-generation nuclear power facility to the County's energy generation portfolio to meet a 2040 goal to be carbon neutral.  Through its membership with UAMPS (Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems), DPU is specifically looking at the Carbon-Free Power Project that will utilize small modular reactor technology developed by NuScale Power.

As is stated on the UAMPS' website, the purpose of and need for the Carbon-Free Power Project (CFPP) is:

"To provide for additional mid-sized baseload electrical generating capacity to meet the expected future needs of UAMPS' members.  UAMPS has determined that new carbon free baseload capacity is necessary to replace the expected retirement of coal fired generating assets and that the UAMPS members need to have a carbon-free baseload generating asset as part of a balanced portfolio of generating assets.  UAMPS SmartEnergy analysis concluded that small modular nuclear reactor technology is an important option for future consideration." 

Idaho National Laboratory is the where the CFPP will be located. 

2017, JANUARY 

A second public meeting was held on January 12th at Fuller Lodge at 6 p.m. to discuss the details of the Carbon Free Power Project. Presentations included:

Read the January 4, 2017 press release

2016, December

A public meeting was held on December 1st at the new Golf Course Building, large meeting room at 6 p.m. to discuss small modular reactors.   Presentations included: