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Information about County solicitations is provided as a courtesy to interested parties. The County gives public notice in a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Sec. 31-101 (c) of the County Code. Sealed Bid & RFP Responses must be submitted in writing, at the Procurement Office, no later than the date and time shown on the solicitation. The County cannot accept electronic responses at this time. Interested respondents should contact the Buyer/Planner listed for the solicitation to obtain the solicitation documents, which will be emailed unless there are size restrictions. Suppliers may also pick up paper solicitation documents in person at the Procurement Office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Mountain Time. The procurement offices are located at Pajarito Cliffs Site, 101 Camino Entrada, Building 3, Los Alamos, NM 87544. You may reach us via telephone by calling (505) 661-7087. Faxes can be sent to (505) 662-8350. If documents are available via the County's FTP site, the solicitation will so state.

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IFB18-08 Los Alamos County Reservoir Road Non-Potable Pipeline Installation





Los Alamos County Reservoir Road Non-Potable Pipeline Installation


Sealed bids in one (1) clearly labeled unbound original and one (1) bound copy will be received at the Office of the Los Alamos County Purchasing Agent, 101 Camino Entrada, Bldg. 3, Los Alamos, NM 87544 until 2:00 p.m. MT, September 1, 2017 for this solicitation.


This project is issued by and under the control of The Incorporated County of Los Alamos. The contracting office is the Department of Public Utilities. The location of the project is in the County of Los Alamos, New Mexico. 

The summary of work is as follows, but is not limited to the following:

Construction of 7,200 lf, 10” SDR-11 HDPE butt-welded, non-potable (purple stripe) pipe, including two connections to an existing 10” steel pipe, on both the western and eastern ends of the project.  Additionally, one 6” fire hydrant with 6” gate valve will be installed, along with two 10” gate valves on the eastern end.  Placement of 400 lf, 48” high interlocking concrete bin block, divided among 4 sections.  Electrical appurtenances in joint trench with non-potable water line: 7,200 lf, 2x-4” SCH-40 conduit and 10x-48”x48”x48” quazite pull-boxes.

The proposed new pipeline will connect at its upper (western) terminus at the existing (original) pipe location at the base of the Los Alamos Canyon Reservoir dam, extending approximately 7,200 lf down the canyon (eastward) in the recently reconstructed roadway prism to a point adjacent to the currently existing gate (DOE land), where it will turn northward to cross the stream bed, in easement, to reconnect to the existing (original) 10” pipeline that extends into town.

The western end of the project from the point of connection to the currently existing access road will have two equal (in terms of scope and price) options:

1) Conventional excavation-and-bury pipe installation, requiring some additional earthwork
2) Installation of 10” NPWL by HDD, open-excavating only for the point of connection below the dam, thereby eliminating approximately 400 yards of excavation and slope stabilization work.

Additionally, four (4) pre-cast concrete section structures 2’ wide, 4’ height, and approximately 48’ long, shall be buried alongside the new pipeline to protect those sections that will be most vulnerable to the stream’s tendency to change course during flood events.

The electrical conduit shall be buried with the non-potable pipeline.  Quazite boxes shall be placed on the northern most edge of the road, in line with the conduits.

The final portion of the project at the eastern limit, near the LA Canyon “West Road” will be to remove existing water system control appurtenances, along with the concrete vault structure.

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