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Community Services Director - Brian Brogan


Brian Brogan - Community Services Department Director

The Community Services Department (CSD) includes Library, Parks, Recreation, Ice Rink, Aquatics and Golf Divisions. CSD also provides Social and Cultural Services for children, teens, seniors, and families through contracts with various outside agencies.

MISSION: Attract residents and tourists to our facilities and services through excellent user experiences

VISION: To be a central hub for all recreation, education, social, and cultural services in Los Alamos County


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Bear CubMesa Public LibrarySan Ildefonso PlaylotAshley PondGolf CourseArts and Crafts FairOverlook Little League FieldWhite Rock Pot

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1000 Central Ave Suite 310

Monday - Friday:

8:00am - 5:00pm

The Community Services Department oversees the following

Library Division
The Los Alamos County Library System is dedicated to enriching our community by ensuring easy and equal access to a variety of ideas, current information, and evolving services for all.

Recreation Division
The Recreation Division facilitates numerous programs and events for people of all ages.

Social Services
The Community Services Department works towards the County goal of "Maintaining Quality Essential Routine Services" through contractual relationships with non-profit organizations to provide social services.

Cultural Services
The Community Services Division (CSD) provides cultural services, such as environmental education, art, 4-H and senior's activities. Five local non-profit groups sign mutually beneficial annual contracts with the County of Los Alamos, enabling them to thrive and to provide their outstanding services for citizens and visitors.

Community Services Administration Staff

Brian Brogan Cathy D'Anna
Director Senior Management Analyst
505-662-8242 505-662-8261
Katherine Hudspeth Linda Lindstrom 
Senior Management Analyst Office Manager                                              
(505) 662-8249 (505) 663-1785
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