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Strengthen coordination and cooperation between County government, LANL, and regional and national partners; Actively pursue land transfer opportunities

Why is this important? 

Los Alamos County does not operate as an island. We are part of larger communities and are dependent on other government entities in our efforts to support our community’s economic and environmental health.

What does this mean? 

Los Alamos County works collaboratively with LANL, regional, state and federal organizations. We will be a good partner to these entities by coordinating our actions with them and working together to achieve regional, state and national goals. We leverage these partnerships to improve the economic and environmental health of Los Alamos County. We value our relationship with other governmental entities across Northern New Mexico, working with them on joint projects of interest and new job opportunities for employment that benefit everyone.

How do we achieve our goal? 

Los Alamos County demonstrates its commitment to its regional neighbors through participation in Progress through Partnering, a group of nearby communities that work together to identify and implement opportunities that support the Laboratory as the top employer for Northern New Mexico. The Regional Coalition of LANL Communities has a focus on things that matter to residents such as support for environmental remediation projects, regional economic development, site employment and funding for on-going LANL programs. Coalition members unite and cooperate to speak with one voice, ensuring that decisions made at the national level incorporate local needs and concerns. The Council also has a standing State Committee and Federal Committee who develop input for the full Council to consider for supporting, opposing or monitoring legislation during state or congressional sessions. For more information about the work of the Coalition and its membership, please click here

The Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) focuses marketing efforts on several industry clusters that the County and our Northern New Mexico partners believe can be developed and promoted to bring new jobs and companies to Los Alamos or the surrounding area. For information about REDI, please click here.

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