Operational Excellence
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Operational Excellent iconMaintain and improve existing quality essential services and supporting infrastructure including PRISM/Munis and permitting; invest in staff development to create a high performing organization; manage commercial growth well following an updated, concise and consistent comprehensive plan; establish and implement a mechanism for effective Utility policy setting and review

Priority Areas: 1) Continue implementation of the Comprehensive Plan with an emphasis on neighborhoods, and 2) Simplify permit requirements and improve the overall development and building code processes to become easier to work with for all participants.

Why is this important? 

Citizens and businesses expect Los Alamos County to be managed in a cost-effective manner and connected to the community it serves.

What does this mean? 

We are a community where people are safe; services and supporting infrastructure meet community needs; cultural and recreational amenities make our community an enjoyable place to live; and county regulations, policies and programs build citizen trust in government by being efficient, effective, appropriate, and consistent. 

We are an organization where our decisions reflect the goals and values of the community. Engaged and talented employees reflect our community standards, have the training and resources they need to succeed and are empowered to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. Departments work seamlessly and strategically with each other and the community. 

How do we achieve our goal? 

Funding and operating County Fire and Police Departments ensures that our citizens are safe. Managing and improving public infrastructure provides our community with roads, waste removal, and utilities. Providing transportation options like bus and air service increase mobility inside and outside of our community. Social services support key segments of our population such as children and senior citizens. Quality of life amenities such as libraries, parks, and recreation facilities are important in making Los Alamos an enjoyable place to live. Click here for more information about citizen services.

County operations are efficient, effective, results-driven and customer-focused. It is easy for citizens and businesses to do business with the County; County staff are available and able to answer questions and resolve issues. County regulations and key County plans like the Comprehensive Plan are current, easily accessible and easy to understand. Transparency, accountability and ethics establish public trust. Responsible tax policy and sound financial management provide short-term stability and long-term fiscal health. Click here to access the latest Adopted Budget, where you will find performance metrics for operational effectiveness initiatives.