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Communications iconCreate a communication process that provides measurable improvement in citizen trust in government; improve transparency in policy setting and implementation

Why is this important? 

Citizens pay for government through taxes and should have an opportunity to influence county funding and service delivery decisions. Because county government exists to serve the public, it requires citizen involvement and feedback in order to meet community needs. 

What does this mean? 

We will be a county where people feel and are connected to their local government. All feel that they can influence government and have the opportunity to be heard. All have access to services and information that allow citizens to evaluate the effectiveness of their government. We work in an open, ethical and transparent manner. As a result, public trust in local government is strong.

How do we achieve our goal? 

Good governance depends upon citizens actively engaging in meaningful dialogue with County government. The County offers a variety of ways that you can participate and let your voice be heard. The Council and County Boards and Commissions hold public meetings where citizens can attend and speak to their representatives. Background information important to the decision-making process is shared proactively with citizens on the county website as are video archives and meeting minutes of Council and many Board and Commissions Meetings

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Staff Contact: Julie Habiger, Public Information Officer