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Economic Vitality: Promote a strong and diverse economic base by encouraging new business growth; Collaborate with Los Alamos National Laboratory as the area's #1 employer; 

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Financial Sustainability: Encourage the retention of existing businesses and assist in their opportunities for growth; Support spinoff business opportunities from LANL; significantly improve the quantity and viability of retail business;

Priority Areas for Economic Vitality in 2018: 1) Build the local tourism economy; Revitalize and eliminate blight in Los Alamos and White Rock

Why is this important? 

To thrive and be an enjoyable place to live, our community should have a strong and diverse economy that provides jobs and services that are needed and wanted by our citizens.

What does this mean? 

The County continues to promote the development of the new Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Los Alamos. Goals related to Branding Los Alamos continue with a focus on community involvement and buy-in. We will support businesses of all sizes so they start, move, stay and grow here. We will manage and improve infrastructure for current and future needs; and ensure that infrastructure, public services, commercial services, and community assets support businesses and commerce. Blight in our downtown areas is eliminated. Strategies with our County and regional partners are aligned, leading to economic success.

We will be a good partner to the Laboratory as the area’s #1 employer. We support the Laboratory’s recruitment and retention efforts by making Los Alamos County a desirable place to live so that prospective recruits and existing employees want to live here. In addition, our economic development policies encourage business retention and new business growth and are focused on the following industries: LANL spinoffs; significantly improving the quantity and quality of retail businesses; and attracting new tourism-related business with efforts that include marketing and branding efforts.

How do we achieve our goal? 

County Government impacts our local business community in many ways. From permitting and regulatory policy for business start-ups, tax policy, infrastructure investments in roads, sidewalks, and traffic planning, and economic growth strategies like the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA), Los Alamos County engages in many ways to retain existing businesses and bring new businesses to Los Alamos County. We support the work of the Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation and our local Chamber of Commerce. We provide funding for community and tourism-related events such as Winterfest and Halloweekend to the Los Alamos Main Street Association. Citizens serving on the Lodger's Tax Advisory Board meet monthly and advise the Council on a variety of economic development issues, marketing, tourist attractions and events.

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