Quality cultural and recreational amenities
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Culture icon Recreation icon Implement a comprehensive range of recreational and cultural amenities that enhance the Los Alamos community.

Priority Area under Quality of Life: Maintain and improve existing outdoor recreation and open space amenities.

Why is this important? 

Los Alamos has an engaged and active population that places a high value on cultural and recreational amenities. Cultural and recreational amenities are a key reason why people choose to live in a certain community. These amenities are not only important to improving the quality of life of our citizens; but also useful in recruiting new employees to work at the Laboratory or attracting new commercial businesses interested in relocating to our community that bring jobs, services and revenues to the County.

What does this mean?

We will create and implement a comprehensive recreational and cultural plan that includes a range of amenities that support all segments of our community. 

How do we achieve our goal? 

Los Alamos County offers a variety of cultural and recreational amenities to citizens. The Community Services Department includes Libraries; Parks, Recreation and Open Space; and Social Services. Libraries in Los Alamos and White Rock provide high-quality environments for reading and study. To learn more about County libraries, click here

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Division provides a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation activities for citizens. To learn more about this division, click here

The Social Services Division provides programs for family development; after school and prevention activities for children and teens; DWI grant planning, and treatment and prevention; and home-based care for frail and older adults. For more information about this division, click here

The Community Services Department administers a variety of cultural service contracts that enhance the quality of life for citizens, offer marketing opportunities to draw residents and visitors to our business district in Los Alamos and White Rock, and bring new, unique visitor experiences to our community in support of tourism. For more information on the types of cultural contracts the County has in place, including quarterly reports on spending and programs, click here.

Los Alamos County works with the Los Alamos Main Street Association on a variety of community events in its defined Creative District - family-friendly events such as Winterfest, ScienceFest, Halloweekend and the annual County Fair and Rodeo offer a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities.