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New Citizen Access Portal - Report Potential Code Violations Online!
The public may now enter suspected Code violations into the new Citizen Access Portal. By visiting this site, you may enter a "Request" and report a suspected Code violation either as yourself or anonymously. You may also view all Requests that have been entered in the system as well as search / view general information about all Code cases.

 How to Create a CAP account  How to make a Citizen request  How to Search Citizen Request/Code Cases:  

Please Note:
 Upon submittal of a Request, the information provided becomes public information and if requested will be released in accordance with the Inspection of Public Records Act.

Upon receipt of a complaint, staff will conduct a site visit. If a code violation is identified, a Notice of Violation will be issued indicating the nature of the violation and the required corrective action. If the violation is not corrected by the deadline indicated on the notice, and no extension has been requested/approved, a citation will be issued requiring the property owner to appear in Municipal Court.

Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations specified in the Building Code, Chapter 10; the Development Code, Chapter 16; and the Nuisance Code, Chapter 18;  of the Los Alamos County Code, except for where the Code clearly designates enforcement authority to the County Engineer or some other official.

The goal of Code Enforcement is compliance not punishment. If a complaint does not fall under the Development Code, the Code Enforcement staff will refer your complaint to the appropriate staff within the County and/or to the appropriate department within the State of New Mexico.

Please review the Code Enforcement Brochure here.

Common Code/Complaint Issues Handled by Code Enforcement

1. Issues on private property.

  • Weeds, brush piles, trash, outdoor storage of materials
  • Inoperable vehicles on private property

2. Abandoned structures

  • Structure in disrepair
  • Opened or unsafe

3. Protective treatment of structures

  • Peeling paint
  • Broken windows
  • Roofing in disrepair or roof water creating nuisance

4. Fences/walls in disrepair

5. Trees/Shrubs extending into street or sidewalks

6. Permits

  • Unpermitted structures including buildings and fences
  • Signs
  • Business Licenses
  • Unpermitted uses of property such as commercial on residential, etc.

7. Creating rodent harborage

8. Graffiti

  • Property owners are responsible for removal in a timely manner

9. Refrigerators

  • If stored outside doors must be locked or removed

10. Pools, hot tubs, spas

  • Must be covered or surrounded by a fence or barrier
  • Must be maintained in a clean sanitary condition

11. Quarterly bulk pick up

  • Materials placed out for pick up earlier than ten days prior to collection will be considered a violation
  • Residents receive 12 free annual trips for waste drop off at the 2 County Eco Station locations

12. Chapter 16 & Chapter 18

  • Chapter 16 deals with zoning and land use
  • Chapter 18 deals with Nuisances and Building Safety 

Common Code/Complaint Issues NOT Handled by Code Enforcement

1. Street Violations

  • Inoperable Vehicles, Trailers, Illegal dumping, etc. on the street 
  • Parking complaints
  • Enforced by Police Dept. (505) 662-8222 NON EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE

2. Animals

  • All animal codes can be found in Chapter 6. 
  • Enforced by Animal Control (505) 662-8222 NON EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE

3. Noise

  • Although the noise ordinance is located in Chapter 18
  • Enforced by Police or Animal Control. (505) 662-8222 

4. Dead and standing trees

  • Currently there is no code provision that regulates dead standing trees.
  • If tree is down Code Enforcement can issue notice.

5. Recreational Vehicles

  • Self-propelled RVs/motorhomes are allowed on street provided they are operable.
  • Unhitched trailers on street enforced by Police. (See #1)

6. Sullivan Field and Lemon Lot – Street Right of Way

  • Enforced by Police. (505) 662-8222


Code Enforcement Officer Contact

Larry Valdez - Code Enforcement Officer