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Permitting Information
Los Alamos County Permitting Information

Community Development hours of operation are 
generally 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

Building permits can now be processed online with our Citizen Self Service Portal.

Interactive Permit Information

Checklists, any additional information, and the building permit applications available in a fillable PDF form. 

Building Permit Application

All previous versions are obsolete.

Homeowner's Responsibility Form

Instructions and Acknowledgement of Responsibilities and Liabilities When Acting as Your Own General Contractor for a Primary Residence. Homeowner permits may be obtained after reading and completing a two-part form created by the State Construction Industries Division (CID). 

   Planning Permits - Land Development Permits

          Planning Division Webpage

   Customer Care Center Permits

Banners on High School Overpasses
Lemon Lot

   Traffic & Streets Permits

Curb Cut/Driveway Apron/Excavation
Traffic Impedance (Barricading)

   Recreation Permits


  The State of New Mexico Issues Permits for the Following:

Manufactured Housing
Food Service