Los Alamos Bond Projects 2017
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Capital Improvement Projects

The 12 projects approved by the Council in March 2016 to proceed to pre-conceptual design are listed below. Information about the projects, including public meeting announcements and the option to sign up for a monthly newsletter, can be found on the "Los Alamos Bond Projects 2016" website established and maintained by the County's consultant, Dekker Perich Sabatini. Use the following link to visit the website https://www.losalamosbondprojects2017.com/.

The information shown below is the only information that will be posted on the projects by the County during this initial phase.

Economic Development Projects

  • 20th Street Extension - master plan, street and utilities
  • Parcel A-8 Utility stub out - street and utilities
  • Deacon Street - master plan
  • DP Road Improvements - street and utilities  

Existing Facilities Projects

  • Golf Course Improvements - irrigation system, tee box, greens/turf
  • Tennis Courts - add four courts at Urban Park or eight courts at North Mesa
  • Ice Rink Improvements - locker rooms, lobby, restrooms, sun shade 

New Facilities Projects

  • Recreation Center - basketball and volleyball courts, indoor soccer, running track, team locker rooms located either near the Aquatic Center or on North Mesa.
  • Leisure Pool - co-located with pool at Aquatic Center
  • Splash Pads - splash pad in White Rock and Water Feature in Ashley Pond Park
  • Softball, baseball and soccer fields - varsity fields in White Rock plus multi-use fields on North Mesa (could include school property)
  • Indoor Ice Rink - located either near the Aquatic Center or on North Mesa 

Project Contact

Philo Shelton 
Public Works Director 
1000 Central Avenue Suite 160, Los Alamos, NM