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In 2015, the Incorporated County of Los Alamos (“County” or “Los Alamos County”) undertook completion of a new comprehensive plan. The Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 1987, laid the foundation for the new Plan, as did work by the community through subsequent plans and efforts, many of which have been adopted by County Council.

The County has accomplished many of the goals established by the community in the past. This record of success, fueled by continued community involvement, allows the County to set new goals and develop new strategies going forward.

Work on the current Plan began with outreach to the community, starting in late 2015. This process enabled the community to discuss desires for the future and the appropriateness of the goals and direction approved by the County Council’s 2016 Strategic Leadership Plan.

The current Plan recognizes and celebrates two aspects of the community as central and iconic elements of the identity of Los Alamos County. History, specifically recent history since the advent of the Manhattan Project and the role that history has played in the establishment of the community’s strength in science, technology and intellectual capital; and environment, the spectacular physical setting of the County and the integral nature of that setting in every aspect of life in the County.

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document, based on community input and the broad outlines of the goals of the Strategic Leadership Plan, and offering a multifaceted set of potential strategies for Council and community consideration.

 Recognizing that the purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide the physical development of the County, the plan focuses on goals and policies that relate to the growth, appearance and land uses on property in the County.

In the process of developing the Plan, several core issues consistently appeared to be of paramount importance to the community. The Plan is organized around these core elements. The elements are based on the desire for greater economic development, a strong commitment to neighborhood preservation, and protection of open space. Accordingly, the community has established three key areas as central to the identity, the values, and the issues facing Los Alamos over the coming years, illustrated on the following page.

Please note, the Comprehensive Plan is a large file (about 32MB) in PDF format and will take several minutes to open or download.  Please be patient.