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Benefits are an integral part of the total compensation package offered to regular employees of Los Alamos County (LAC). LAC currently offers a very generous benefits program. Details are below.


LAC pays 80% of insurance premiums for our employees and their dependents. Contribution percentage is prorated for ¾ time and ½ time employment status.

Medical Insurance: 
LAC offers medical insurance coverage through BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD of NEW MEXICO (BCBS) to regular & limited term employees. LAC has 2 PPO plans and 1 PPO/POS (Point of Service) plan to choose from, which all have an individual deductible of $350 with a family deductible of $700 for certain services. The PPO Blue 35 plan has an office visit co-pay of $35 and a specialist co-pay of $50 per visit and the PPO Blue 45 plan has an office visit co-pay of $45 and a specialist co-pay of $60 per visit. The POS plan works the same as the PPO plans if you stay in network and has an office visit co-pay of $30 and a specialist co-pay of $45; however, this plan also allows you to be seen by an out-of-network provider. If an employee chooses to go out-of-network, a separate deductible will apply for all services rendered, and he/she will be responsible for 30% of his/her bill. Co-pays for prescriptions do not count towards this deductible. Prescription co-pays are on a 3-tier plan: Generic=$15, Brand Name=$35, Non-Formulary=$55. Please reference Summary Comparisons for a detailed breakdown of charges, including deductibles and benefits.

Dental Insurance:
LAC offers dental insurance coverage through Delta Dental of New Mexico

Vision Insurance:
LAC offers vision insurance coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Life Insurance:
LAC offers basic, dependent and voluntary life insurance through Dearborn National. Basic life insurance and Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) are mandatory and the employee is covered at the rate of one times his/her annual salary rounded up to the nearest thousand with a maximum of $50,000. If an employee chooses dependent life, his/her spouse is covered for $5,000, children 6 months to 26 years are covered for $2,000, and children 14 days to six months are covered for $500. LAC pays a portion of basic and dependent life. Voluntary life offers the employee life insurance up to $300,000 in addition to the basic life insurance. Voluntary insurance in excess of $250,000 will require a completed statement of health. Employees may insure their spouse for the same amount not to exceed the employee’s amount of coverage. Premiums are based on age. Dependent children can be insured for $10,000 each. LAC does not contribute any portion of the voluntary life insurance premium. 

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance:
LTD is available to Regular employees only. LTD is designed to partially replace income lost during periods of disability that result from injury, sickness or pregnancy. To be eligible for the LTD benefit, employee must be unable to work for at least 3 months. LTD Benefit pays employees 60% of monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of $8,000 per month for the duration of disability or age 65. The County contributes 0.25% and the employee contributes an additional 0.25% for this benefit.


PERA is a Defined Benefit retirement plan offered through the State of New Mexico to LAC regular and limited term LAC employees. Once you are vested in PERA and have met the age and service requirements for normal retirement, you are guaranteed a lifetime pension benefit when you retire:

Municipal Plan (MP) Employee Contribution Employer Contribution
 MP3 - General County  14.65%  9.55%
 MDO1 - Detention Officers  18.15%  17.05%
 MPO5 - Police Officers  17.80%  18.90%
 MFR5 - Shift Firefighters  17.70%  21.65%

Tier 1 - Employees hired before July 1, 2013
Employees are vested after 5 years of service and can retire at any age with 25 years of service or age 65 with 5 years of service (20 years of service for Public Safety).

Tier 2 - Employees hired after July 1, 2013
Employees are vested after 8 years of service and can retire with Rule of 85 or age 65 with 8 years of service. Public Safety is vested after 6 years of service and can retire at any age with 25 years of service or age 60 with 6 years of service. 

LA County Pension Plan: 
This is a supplemental pension plan with contributions from LAC and the employee. LAC contributes 9% of the employee’s salary, the employee contributes 1%. Employees are automatically vested in 4% of LAC contributions and vesting for the remaining 5% is based on years of service with LAC as follows: 
• 3 years - 20% 
• 4 years - 40% 
• 5 years - 60% 
• 6 years - 80% 
• 7 years - 100%

457 Plan (Deferred Compensation): 
Offered through ICMA-RC, this plan allows the employee to contribute up to $18,000 per calendar year into a tax deferred account. LAC does not contribute to this plan and it is completely voluntary to employees. 

Other Benefits

Annual and Sick Leave: 
Los Alamos County has very generous annual and sick leave accruals for our regular and limited term employees. All accruals are bi-weekly. 

General County Employees: 
• 0 - 5 years = 3 weeks annual leave (4.61 hrs per pay period) 
• 5 - 10 years = 4 weeks annual leave (6.46 hrs per pay period) 
• 10 or more years = 5 weeks annual leave (7.38 hrs per pay period) 
• 12 days of sick leave (3.69 hrs per pay period) 

Fire Department Employees: 
• 0 - 5 years = 20 days annual leave
• 5 - 10 years = 29 days annual leave
• 10 or more years = 33 days annual leave 
• 15 days of sick leave (5.17 hrs per pay period)

LAC recognizes all federal holidays except Columbus Day (10 paid holidays per calendar year). 

One personal holiday is given to all regular LAC employees in lieu of Columbus Day and must be used by December 31 each year.

Employee Assistance Program: 
The Employee Assistance Program is a free, professional and confidential counseling program designed to assist employees and their immediate family member with anything they perceive to be a problem. Our current provider offers six sessions for free to assist with problem resolution. Additionally, resources are available for personal wellness, organizational development, and support of a healthy work-home balance.

Employee Wellness Program: 
LAC Employees are granted free general admission to the Larry Walkup Aquatic Center and are eligible for free aquatic classes. Employees are also granted free admission to the LAC Ice Rink (equipment rental fees apply). LAC Golf Course offers employees an eight nine-hole punch pass at a significantly discounted price. 

Flexible Spending Plan: 
This plan provides a tax benefit in that it reduces your taxable income for the calendar year. 

Medical Reimbursement Account

  •  Tax Benefit – Reduces your taxable income
  •  $2,500 calendar per year limit 
  • Out of pocket medical expenses
  •  Use or roll over up to $500

 Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

  • Tax Benefit – Reduces your taxable income
  • $5,000 calendar year limit 
  • Dependent care expenses
  • Use or lose

Tuition Assistance Reimbursement Program:

  • Employee must have attained regular status, which means completion of the new employee probationary period.
  • Coursework must be in a field that will better your job growth with LAC. 
  • LAC will pay up to $100.00 per credit hour for undergraduate courses and $250.00 per credit hour for graduate level courses.

Employee Recognition Program: 
LAC acknowledges that its employees are an important resource in the delivery of service to citizens and has established an employee recognition program that will recognize employees for their extraordinary service. The recognition program is available to all departments and divisions within the LAC organization and to all employee classifications (i.e. contract, regular, probationary, limited term, temporary, and casual). 


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