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The Fire Marshal’s office provides programmatic oversight for incident reporting, new and existing building inspections, fire investigations, code enforcement, plan reviews, fire suppression/detection system inspection, and public awareness.


The mission of the Los Alamos County Fire and Life Safety Management Division is to develop, maintain, and provide fire prevention and code enforcement for the preservation of life, safety, property and environment for the citizens of Los Alamos County.

Fire Marshal Division Staff

Wendy Servey
Division Chief/Fire Marshal

Stephen Rinaldi
Senior Fire and Life Safety Coordinator

Marisol Padilla
Senior Office Specialist

Plan Review/Permitting

Plan Review

Plan reviews for commercial construction are to be submitted through the Community Development Department (CDD).  Plan Review submissions specifically for fire suppression and detection systems can be turned directly in to the Fire Marshal’s Office. Three (3) copies of all detection/suppression plans are required, one stamped set to be on-site at all times during construction, one to be kept with the building owner and one to be kept with the Fire Marshal’s Office. Plans should be submitted with applicable checklist/forms/documents found under the Permit Submission tab below.

All suppression/detection systems must be installed and maintained by companies that have an active Certificate of Fitness with the State of New Mexico Fire Marshal's Office. 

Pre-Application meetings may be scheduled with the Building Official, Fire Marshal, and any other county official necessary to provide guidance for the new business owner prior to plan submittal.  Pre-Application meetings should be scheduled through CDD (662-8120).


Permitting is accomplished in a collaborative effort with the Community Development Department (CDD) and the Fire Marshal’s Office.  Permits need to be obtained for building construction and remodels, fire suppression/detection systems, hoods for commercial cooking operations, blasting operations, demolition operations, open burning in Pajarito Acres/La Senda (open burning is not allowed in any other areas), elevator construction, etc. Los Alamos County's adopted fire codes are NFPA 101 and NFPA 1 (2015). 

Los Alamos Municipal Code

Permit Submission

Blank forms provide below, for full functionality of the forms please use Internet Explorer. Please submit forms to Fire Marshal's Office via Wendy Servey ( and Stephen Rinaldi ( 

Open Burn Permit Application

Early Start Request Form

Fire Alarm System Application Packet

Fire Sprinkler System Application Packet

Fire System Application

Fire Watch Request

Fire Watch Log

Wet Chemical System Application Packet

Camp Fires

Camp Fires

Camp fires are allowed on private property and at the Camp May camping areas under the following conditions. When the county is not under Fire Restrictions/Red Flag conditions, in an approved fire ring/burn container with the surrounding areas free of vegetation, and a water supply must be available (preferably a garden hose, or buckets of water). The fire must be constantly attended/supervised by a responsible party able to extinguish the fire, and no burning of yard waste (weeds, grass, leaves, slash, brush, garbage), only burning of fire wood for entertainment purposes/cooking is allowed.Call the Fire Marshal’s Office for further clarification, if necessary.

Please be aware of wind conditions to avoid burdening your neighbors with smoke, embers, etc. LAFD personnel have the right to stop any and all burning operations that pose a danger or a burden to the surrounding public.

Fire Investigations

Fire Investigations

The Los Alamos Fire Department utilizes a Fire Investigation Team comprised of 12 to 15 certified members of LAFD staff to provide investigations for structure fires, vehicle fires, and wildland/vegetation fires. LAFD works in conjunction with the Los Alamos Police Department,Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), New Mexico State Fire Marshal’s Office, and other entities to provide thorough investigations including evidence collection, fire cause determination, and legal documentation for intentional and unintentional fires. The Fire Investigation Team provides services to the community of Los Alamos , the Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). 


Hydrant Testing

Hydrant Testing

Hydrant testing is performed annually to test the conditions of fire hydrants and the municipal water system. LAFD personnel are trained to limit landscape/property damage to the best of their abilities.For hydrants located on private property, please limit surrounding vegetation and any obstructions to LAFD access.

Placement of Address

Placement of Address

LAFD asks the public to place their address number in a highly visible area with large numbers (at a minimum of 4 inches) and numbers that are contrasting the associated background to which it is affixed. Conspicuous placement allows for the fastest possible response for emergency responders. Please mitigate vegetation and other obstacles that block the view of your address. Contact the Fire Marshal’s Office for further information.

 House Numbers  House number placement

Residential Fire Safety

Follow the diagram below: 
Recommended Locations for Detectors