Proposed Ordinances and Resolutions
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Los Alamos County is committed to open and transparent government. This page provides links to all notices for ordinances, resolutions and liquor licenses that have been recently published.

By state law, notice must be posted on our website when published in a newspaper of general circulation. Ordinances, resolutions and liquor licenses must go through a public hearing at a Council meeting before being adopted and/or approved.

You may submit comments to the Council in advance by sending them an email before the Council meeting, or attend the public hearing and give your comments.

Once an ordinance or resolution is adopted, you can view the final, attested version on the County Clerk's Online Records Website.

If you have suggestions or questions about this page, please contact us!

Municipal Code
Los Alamos County Municipal Code, including charter and ordinances.



Liquor Licenses and Public Hearings

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