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Flow Trail Project

Scope of Project

Los Alamos County is looking for an experienced and certified contractor for the design and build of a mountain bicycle flow trail. The scope of work to include consultation ofexisting flagged trail corridor and 3-4 alternatives to include feasibility, safety, and functionality for a “green” level International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) flow trail. Upon completion of consultation, development of schematic design of seven (7) mile trail with a number and type of features anticipated. Upon approval of design, contractor will begin construction of the trail while instructing County staff to ultimately self-perform trail construction.

Red = completed

Green = current process

  1. Issue a task order/s for consultation of the proposed flagged trail and other potential trails as appropriate based on the RFP criteria for a “7-mile, green family-friendly flow trail in Los Alamos County.”
  2. Staff and consultant to update Task Order 1 deliverables, create presentation with options, and present at County Council meeting October 16 at 6 pm  Flow Trail Presentation 10-16.pdf

  3. Staff and consultant to present the top 3-4 options to the PRB subcommittee/s and Tourism Implementation Taskforce to discuss with committee/group and receive public input.
  4. Staff and consultant will then will incorporate committee/public input and narrow down to the best option.
  5. Staff and consultant to present the top option to Parks and Recreation Board to discuss with board and receive public input
  6. Staff and consultant will then will incorporate board/public input and prepare a presentation to Council to include our recommendation and a schematic design.
  7. Staff and consultant will then present the presentation to County Council for a decision.
  8. Upon decision being made one of two things will happen: 
      Approved - Staff will conclude the consultation phase and issue a task order for construction.
      Not Approved – Staff will receive direction for further action or inaction.

Flow Trail Contract 

AGR18-32 Mountain Capital Partners

Task Orders

                Flow Trail Options - Matrix.pdf

                Flow Trail Options - Map.pdf

                Flow Trail Options - Narrative.pdf


Parks & Recreation Board